This week, Hip Hop suffered the loss of Three 6 Mafia’s Lord Infamous, Fabolous released the third installment of his Soul Tape series of mixtapes and Kanye West spoke highly of Drake.

Three 6 Mafia’s Lord Infamous Passes Away

According to DJ Paul’s and Da Mafia 6ix publicist Dove Clark, Three 6 Mafia‘s Lord Infamous passed away December 20 at his mother’s home in Memphis, Tennessee. After news of Lord Infamous’ passing was reported, DJ Paul spoke with HipHopDX about the matter, highlighting Infamous’ likable nature.  

“He had a major, major part in the album because once the group fell apart and everybody wasn’t talking to each other, Lord was always the neutral person he always [was],” DJ Paul said. “Everyone always liked Lord. You’ve got some people that don’t like me or don’t like Juicy or don’t like Koop or Boo or whatever, but people always liked Lord, so he was always neutral. So, of course he was my brother, so I’ve been doing stuff with him here anyway.”  

Fabolous “Soul Tape 3” Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist & Mixtape Stream

On Christmas Day (December 25), Fabolous released The Soul Tape 3. The third installment of the Soul Tape series of mixtapes features appearances from Meek Mill and Jadakiss, among others. The tape also includes “The Get Back,” a track that features a response to Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse. In an article published today (December 28), 

“At first hearing [‘Control’], I was ready to just go in the studio and just fire it back, because it just felt like somebody kinda disrespected your home.” Fabolous explained. “So I sat and listened to it and I heard different things. Even I spoke to some of the OGs and they just was like, ‘Take your time, see what’s going on with it. Don’t just jump out there.’ ‘Cause a lot of people were jumping at it just for the attention’s sake. Once I even started paying attention, I knew something that I didn’t hear the first time: that it was actually a line from a Kurupt rap. A lot of people from New York or from the East Coast may not know Kurupt…I just wanted to share a bit of light on that whole situation, because I’m sure at first hearing people are gonna think it’s a Kendrick Lamar diss or get it advertised that way.”

Kanye West Calls Drake A Rap God

Kanye West made headlines this week when he spoke highly of Drake. 

“I want to thank the rap God Drake for coming out tonight,” Kanye West said as he concluded a Toronto performance on his “Yeezus Tour” run. 

Recently, Kanye West also referenced a Drake rap in an interview.

“I need to be a poster child of what it means to break all boundaries,” Kanye West said. “’Cause I look at the inside of this TV, I look at all this matrix we in. And I’m like, man, ain’t none of this real. The only thing real is your family, your loved ones, the time that you have. Only luxury is time and the only thing promised is that you gonna die one day. So like Drizzy say, he said, ‘Everybody dies but not everybody lives.’ So we just gonna live this to the maximum, to the fullest.”

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