SPIN has named Chance The Rapper its “Rapper of the Year.” 

The publication announced that Chance it considered its “rapper of the year” due to his work on Acid Rap, a project that also nabbed the #2 spot in SPIN’s “Album of the Year” list, falling behind Kanye West’s Yeezus

“[Acid Rap] is an impressive, arresting display of furious styles, but it’s also a well-observed and deeply empathetic album about growing up and trying to be decent — a good kid in a mad Midwestern city — whose songs inhabit a series of lost and half-found characters: wounded addicts, lusted-over high-school lab-mates, feckless dealers, a sweetheart dad, and young couples in love,” SPIN says of Chance’s 2013 project.

“There’s nothing wrong with being a rapper in 2013,” Spin adds. “But Chance, well, he’s a rapper and he wants you to know it. Scratch that: He’s the rapper.” 

SPIN names honorable mentions who ranked behind Chance. Kendrick Lamar earned a nod for his “Control” verse and Eminem was named for his The Marshall Mathers LP 2 work.  

Elsewhere, SPIN also gave consideration to Vic Mensa, Earl Sweatshirt, Mac Miller, Big Sean, Wale and J. Cole, among others.

“We could use more J Cole and Wale types in the mainstream, for sure,” SPIN says. 

In May, HipHopDX reviewed Chance’s Acid Rap giving it the highest possible praise for a mixtape.

“With Acid Rap, Chance The Rapper does more than simply entertain with poetic quips and a vibrant personality; he sparks a conversation that keeps the listener committed from start to finish,” HipHopDX said in its review of the project. “It’s this steadfast conviction that separates him from the current pack of talented yet indistinct peers, and at 20 years old, the Windy City representer should have little trouble building upon what looks to be a breakthrough moment with his latest project.” 

Chance The Rapper’s upcoming Justin Bieber collaboration is slated to be released at midnight. The track was announced earlier this week via Twitter. 

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