Chance The Rapper recently explained why he turned down an offer to sign with Top Dawg Ent.

“They didn’t almost sign me,” Chance The Rapper said during an interview on MTV’s Rap Fix Live. “They wanted to sign me.” 

TDE made an offer to Chance, according to him. However, he had to turn it down. 

“Yeah,” he said, when asked about turning down the offer from TDE . “Don’t say it like that, though. I turned down being signed.” 

In an interview published October 29, Chance spoke about the importance of staying independent.

“I think it’s mad important for the American Dream to exist and work, and for people to believe in a homegrown and grassroots business,” he said during an interview with BET’s “106 & Park.” “I’m on tour now. I’ve only signed mixtapes, never signed to a label. Everything that I do is a part of my own business, and I think that in doing so, as an independent artist, it gives some stake back in the music industry.” 

During the more recent MTV interview, Chance said that he is friends with members of the TDE camp.

“All of those guys are my good friends,” he said. “That whole camp is great. They’re close friends.” 

Chance also said that he hopes to continue collaborating with members of TDE, specifically speaking about Ab-Soul, who he’s worked with on “Smoke Again.” 

“Soul was an amazing collab because it came out of nowhere,” Chance said. “We became close friends and then we [collaborated]. I think he’s been busy…But we’ll get it in when I get to L.A.” 

Chance The Rapper Says Working With Lil Wayne Is His Biggest Accomplishment

During the interview, Chance also addressed his respect for Lil Wayne. 

“It’s my favorite accomplishment,” Chance said. “I say that with thought. It’s the biggest accomplishment I’ve made to date because Lil Wayne is probably the biggest reason I’m sitting here right now, rapping and doing what I do. I’m a huge Wayne fan forever.” 

Chance and Wayne collaborated on “You Song” off “Dedication 5.”

More from this interview can be viewed below.

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