In between tour dates on his “Social Experiment” tour, Chance the Rapper explained his business model.

In an interview on BET’s “106 & Park,” Chance spoke about how important it is for him to be an independent artist. “I think it’s mad important for the American Dream to exist and work, and for people to believe in a homegrown and grassroots business,” he said. “I’m on tour now. I’ve only signed mixtapes, never signed to a label. Everything that I do is a part of my own business, and I think that in doing so, as an independent artist, it gives some stake back in the must industry.”

Chance also discussed the Chicago music scene. “I think Chicago influences all sound,” he said of his hometown. “In terms of… music, it’s Ground Zero for the Blues movement, the Jazz movement. Techno music as it exists today comes from House music and the Juke music movement. I have all of those elements in my stuff. I’m a really big Jazz head. I like a lot of other alternative music and stuff. But it’s Hip Hop. It’s Rap. I got a lot of hot bars and stuff.”

Watch the interview below:

Chance released his Acid Rap mixtape in April of this year. “[There] was a lot of acid involved in Acid Rap,” he said to MTV recently in May. “I mean, it wasn’t too much — I’d say it was about 30 to 40 percent acid … more so 30 percent acid.”

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