For Chicago, Illinois emcee Chance The Rapper, acid played a role in “Acid Rap.” According to Chance, it was not a major part of his lifestyle but he admitted that acid definitely was involved in the making of his latest tape. 

“[There] was a lot of acid involved in Acid Rap,” he told MTV recently. “I mean, it wasn’t too much — I’d say it was about 30 to 40 percent acid … more so 30 percent acid.”

The rapper then claimed that it was not difficult to rap while under the influence. 

“No, it’s not hard to rap on acid,” he explained. “But it wasn’t the biggest component at all. It was something that I was really interested in for a long time during the making of the tape, but it’s not necessarily a huge faction at all. It was more so just a booster, a bit of fuel. It’s an allegory to acid, more so than just a tape about acid.”

Video of this interview can be found below.

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Earlier this month, Chance spoke with HipHopDX’s Dan Rys about how he began using acid. 

“Around August or September of [2012], I started doing acid and recording in the studio. A lot of people use LSD to make music,” he explained to Rys. “It’s less of a mind-altering drug to me…it just frees you and allows you to think outside of what you would normally write about or listen to or how you would evaluate a song that you were making. Towards January or February, I started just recording, smoking weed, like I usually record. But for a long time, I would just get in the studio and take some acid, listen to some beats, find one that I fell in love with, and just go in and record a freestyle off the acid, and then come back and would re-write it, or write it there in the studio. I started calling them my acid raps, and then that became the name of the tape.” 

In that interview, Chance did say that it was “not as easy” to rap while on acid.  

“It’s a lot more sporadic; it’s not as easy because you don’t always have that spark,” he continued. “And I have ADD, so I’m all over the place anyway. But it was a great experience because it was at a time where I was going through so many changes in life. Shit was moving so fast for me, and I wanted to just not be worried about anything. It kind of just like opened up my mind and allowed me to think deeper about stuff, but also to not be as confined to one way of thinking. ‘Cause I was fucked up on acid. The project’s not necessarily a whole spiel on how people should do acid as much as people should just think differently about stuff and look at every situation that comes into life from as many different angles as possible.” 

“Acid Rap” earned a “Free Album” rating from HipHopDX, the highest possible praise for a mixtape. The album is currently available for stream and download via AudioMack, as reported in late April

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