Nottz, who recently teamed up with Blu for the release of their Gods In The Spirit collaborative album, spoke with HipHopDX about how their project came to be.

Blu and I sat in the studio and listened to a few tracks to start drawing the blueprint,” Nottz says in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “‘Boyz II Men’ was the first joint that caught his ear and that joint alone was the lane we shot for. Nobody was doing it. Everybody else wanna trap beat? Okay, we’re gonna do this real Hip Hop shit over here. Hip Hop needed this EP. Hopefully artists who can make a bigger difference will catch wind and start making good music again. Stop being the clones they are. Can’t distinguish who’s who anymore.” 

For Nottz, Blu provided his own artistry, which needed no directions, according to the producer.

“Blu had full control,” Nottz says. “I just provided the canvas for him to paint the pictures.” 

Nottz’ canvas came in different forms. The beatsmith crafted several instrumentals for Blu and the duo’s guests on the album. Nottz says his approach to music comes from different situations, something that can be heard on Gods In The Spirit.

“My approach could be from a dope drum break off a record, an old song playing on the radio, in a store while I’m shopping or an ill ass melody floating around in my head, while I’m on the toilet [laughs],” Nottz says. “My music comes from anywhere basically. I’m not a fan of the whole ‘I need a beat like so-and-so’ thing. Artists tend to think that if they get a track similar to another artist it’ll make them hot. That shit’s corny to me. Your true fans want to hear you, not you sounding like the other artist that just got finished playing on the radio.” 

Nottz doesn’t just produce. He also raps. Nottz can be heard on “End of the World” off Gods In The Spirit.  

“The title spoke to me,” Nottz says. “When I thought ‘End of the World,” the first thing that came to my mind was I wish would’ve done everything right in my life. Wish all of my faults & sins would’ve been corrected or excused, before the end of the world.” 

Gods In The Spirit can be streamed through HipHopDX.

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