Tyler, the Creator has posted a letter on Odd Future’s tumblr account about Odd Future’s Camp Flog Gnaw carnival, which was held November 9 and featured his surprise performance with Kanye West.

In it, Tyler, the Creator states that he now realizes the event “was the greatest day of my life.”

After focusing on various ideas that he had that have gained momentum with fans, such as changing Wolf Gang to Golf Wang or kids emulating his style of dress, Tyler eventually focused his post on his performance with Kanye.

“Someone Re-tweeted and old tweet of mine from Feb. 2012, yesterday and it read ‘I had a dream that Kanye invited me to perform “Late” with him. I wish,'” Tyler said in the tumblr post. “Kanye came to the carnival and I performed ‘Late’ with him–my favorite song by Kanye. An album cut he never does, was performed not only with [me] but during my set and my carnival! No matter if you hate me, think I’m stupid, untalented, annoying or whatever, I fucking win and you can suck my whole shit.”

The Odd Future ring-leader also covered topics such as being criticized as a child for his ambition. “I remember kids in school always thought I was weird…because I was so open with my future goals,” he says in the post.

He closes the letter by encouraging those who read it to not “live for anyone else.”

In a recent interview with Philadelphia’s Hot 107.9, Kanye West shared his thoughts about Tyler, calling him a “clear” artist.

“He knows what he wants to do and that’s the reason why the universe responds to him like that,” Kanye said. “He just threw a carnival in L.A. where 10,000 people came out.”

The OFWGKTA Carnival 2013 was held at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The line-up included Mac Miller, ScHoolboy Q, Earl Sweatshirt, The Internet and others.

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