Childish Gambino, who appeared on “Arsenio” recently, discussed his status as an emcee on the television program. According to Gambino, the rapper tag is a label he’d rather not place on himself. 

ldquo;I don’t consider myself a rapper,” Gambino said during the “Arsenio” interview. “I don’t think I’m a rapper. I can rap, but I don’t think I’m a rapper. I want to do a bunch of stuff.”

Gambino said that other rappers feel similarly regarding the “rapper” title.

“Rappers don’t want to be rappers,” he said. “They don’t. It’s true. Every rapper I talk to says they want to do this or that. They’re usually artists who want to do a bunch of stuff. I don’t think any rapper wants to be just a rapper.”

Aside from his work in music, Gambino has also been an actor, a television program writer and a comic. Gambino has acted in NBC’s “Community.” He’s written for NBC’s “30 Rock.” Gambino also had a Comedy Central stand-up special. 

Gambino recently also mentioned that he does not wish to be labeled during an interview with New York radio station Power 105.1.

“I just don’t want to be labeled,” Gambino said. “I also don’t want—I don’t like working for other people. Lena Dunham she works for her. She writes that show [‘Girls’]. That’s her thing. I don’t think there’s a lot of people in my position—They gave me a show. They wouldn’t give a rapper a show. They wouldn’t give A$AP a show. I don’t want to be a rapper. When Kanye talks about the glass ceiling being there of like, ‘I can’t do anything because they see me as a rapper.’ Like that’s my superpower.”

Childish Gambino is prepping the releases of his upcoming Rap album, because the internet. The project is set to hit stores December 10. 

More of Gambino’s interview with Arsenio Hall can be viewed below.

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