Alabama rapper and DXNext alumni Yelawolf has finally provided details in regards to a confrontation that took place between himself and fellow emcee Macklemore during the Osheaga Music Festival in Montreal, Canada.

During an interview with Vlad TV, Yela confirmed that the confrontation, which took place in early August, was over a t-shirt design. The rapper says he became infuriated when he spotted a fan wearing a Macklemore t-shirt with a buck head, a logo he’s claimed as his own, pictured on it. He went on to compare Macklemore’s use of the buck head logo to someone using Wu-Tang Clan’s iconic “W” logo.

“I went to a show of his. I was doing a performance at a festival, so I went to see his show after,” said Yelawolf. “And I was standing on—wherever the fuck we were. We were up in this little VIP overview shit looking at the show, me and my boy DJ Klever. And this girl tapped me on the shoulder, asked for a photo and I turned around to snap the photo with her and I was like ‘Damn, that’s an ill shirt.’ And I didn’t pay it much attention. I thought she was a fan who made it on her own. You know? Cause like a lot of fans make their own shirts…I took the photo, I was like ‘Hey man, check that shirt out.’ And I turned and I looked and it was a Macklemore shirt, but it was my buck head logo. Pretty much, it just fuckin infuriated me, man. That’s like somebody using the Wu-Tang ‘W’ at this point. It’s a rap. That is my shit.”

After Yelawolf became aware of the t-shirt and its logo, he confronted the Seattle wordsmith at the festival. He says Macklemore was relatively cordial after being approached and revealed that the t-shirt was about six to seven years old.

“I told him there when I met him that don’t fuck with my logo ever, you know? Honestly, he was cool,” said Yela. “But I wasn’t so cool. I wasn’t like being nice. I had drank all night too, so that didn’t help. So, anyway, the next morning I woke up and I wasn’t satisfied with just telling him. It was still bothering me. I was like ‘Man, you know what? Fuck this. I’m just gonna shoot this—.’ Cause I shot a photo of the girl with the thing on and put it up online. But whatever, man. It’s a bigger deal to me than it is to him guaranteed. And that’s just being honest…I remember him being like ‘I know that’s your shit. I know. That’s your shit.’ And, you know, I was like ‘What the fuck?’ And then he said it’s like six, seven years old. He said the shirt was six or seven years old…I don’t give a shit if it’s 20 fuckin years old, man. That’s my shit.”

Following the August incident, Yelawolf shared a picture of the fan’s buck head t-shirt via Instagram and asked fans to “call it out” if they were to see anyone wearing the shirt. Along with the picture, he also posted this caption:

“In a Sea of about 20,000 plus people this fan walked up to me yesterday and asked me for a photo .. I saw the Buck logo but didn’t remember making the shirt ..I took the photo then said let me see that that shirt .. GET THE BUCK OUTTA HERE !!! .. Are you kidding me @maclemore ? I confronted him after his set .. And he said its 5 or 6 years old .. And ask ” are we cool ?” He’s a fan obviously so whatever …. Look if y’all see this shirt out there call it out .. 4,5,6 years old don’t matter .. She was wearing it yesterday .. THATS OUR SHIT BE CLAER ! .. POSERS .. #SLUMERICAN”

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