Eminem and Slaughterhouse rapped on BET’s “The Backroom” yesterday (November 6).

The group of rappers was joined by Big Tigger, the former host of BET’s “The Basement.” Eminem and Slaughterhouse were also joined by Just Blaze, who acted as the deejay for the occasion.

“Yes indeed, original beats the replacement ’cause,” Big Tigger rhymes during his verse. “‘The Backroom’ will never be what ‘The Basement’ was.” 

Joe Budden rapped after Big Tigger, choosing to rhyme about love, his past, his growth and his detractors.  

“They wanna see me fall, wanna ruin my regimen from the start,” Budden raps on his verse. “Wan’ cut the beat off soon as I let ’em in my heart.”

Royce Da 5’9 followed Joe Budden, electing to rap about his dexterity and his progress in life. 

“It’s ironic, I remember when I couldn’t afford a car,” Royce raps during his verse. “Now it’s back and forth / the Black one and White one / I call them Macklemore / and Lord Jamar.” 

Following this, Joell Ortiz took the mic to rhyme about his own prowess, crafting punchlines about his ability to fight.

“You don’t want it with me,” Ortiz raps during his verse. “If I’m throwing hooks at you, that don’t mean the chorus for free.” 

Crooked I was the last member of Slaughterhouse to rap, making references to biters and the UCLA Bruins, among other topics. 

“I give them different patterns / They didn’t fathom,” Crooked raps during his verse. “They stealin’ my styles, before me, you didn’t have ’em / You rappers are made in my image like when God was inventing Adam / … Don’t stop what we doin’ / When you see L.A., your team will be ruined.” 

Eminem followed Slaughterhouse, asking Just Blaze to stop the beat. His rhymes included references to women in general, Madonna in particular, biters of his rhyme styles and his disposition. 

“I’m intolerable,” Eminem raps. “Too volatile / Screw it, I don’t gotta make the honor roll / To be on a roll / I don’t know much, what I do know, I do it pronto though.”

The appearance was made to celebrate the release of Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2, which dropped Tuesday (November 5).

Eminem, Slaughterhouse, Big Tigger and Just Blaze can be viewed below. 

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