Brooklyn rapper Lil Fame recently shed light on his relationship with the late The Notorious B.I.G. during a radio appearance on Forbez DVD Live, as the M.O.P. emcee spoke briefly on the rapper he says he knew when he “used to rhyme like Chubb Rock.”

According to Fame, at one time Biggie was his weed partner who he also happened to make music with.

“I knew Big when Big used to rhyme like Chubb Rock, alright,” Lil Fame said. “You know what? Big stole two ten-speeds. He had twin ten-speeds. He used to leave ‘em at my house and shit…Big was like my weed partner back when I was smoking weed. Big was like my weed partner…He used to hustle back when crack wasn’t even rockin’. It was rough. You know what I mean? But Big used to be around…Big was my brother. And we did music together and weed. That was my weed partner.”

One-half of the rap duo M.O.P., Lil Fame has also collaborated with a number of Hip Hop acts including Jay Z, Styles P, and, more recently, Boston rapper Termanology.

Lil Fame is also mentioned by name by Biggie on his Ready To Die track “Warning.” On the Easy Mo Bee-produced record, Biggie raps, “Yeah my nigga Fame up in Prospect / Nah them my niggas, nah love wouldn’t disrespect.”

A number of other Hip Hop notables were also mentioned during Lil Fame’s radio interview. Among the artists mentioned was Queens lyricist Kool G Rap, an artist Fame says is on his list of Top 5 favorite emcees.

“Bottom line, G Rap is like—I got like five favorite emcees and G Rap is one of ‘em,” said the rapper. “Not in no order, but G rap is one of my favorite dudes. I am G Rap…G Rap was my nigga. That’s my favorite shit. And G Rap was like an underdog back then. So, I guess that’s why I’m an underdog now.”

Lil Fame was also asked to choose a favorite between Big Daddy Kane and Rakim. Instead of choosing between the two emcees, he went on to state that both rappers are equal and suggested that Kool G Rap should also be added to that particular debate.

“It depends on what day I wake up,” Fame said. “How I’m feeling when I wake up. Both of them, man. Both of ‘em is equal to me, man…But you gotta say Ra, G Rap or Kane. You gotta put them three. I love ‘em all the same, son.”

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