Dom Kennedy recently discussed success as an independent artist following the release of his Get Home Safely album, which dropped earlier this month.

In the interview, Kennedy also spoke about other independent releases he’s admired. 

“I recently found out Tha Dogg Pound album that came out on Death Row was an independent album,” Kennedy says during the interview. “I didn’t know that at the time. I assumed it came out on Interscope like everybody else.”

Although Kennedy has had multiple meetings with record labels, including nearly signing to Interscope earlier this year, he he has a desire to stay true to his roots. 

“The type of deal I was looking for just wasn’t available,” Dom says. “The business structure we wanted and the control; that’s what it really came down to.”

During the interview, Kennedy also talks about the kind of music he enjoys making. 

“All great songs are about the same things,” Dom says. “Love, friendship, pain, poverty. It’s not so much what’s going on today. It’s what’s been happening forever.”

Dom Kennedy’s Get Home Safely debuted at #29 in its first week, selling more than 10,000 units. Kennedy’s Get Home Safely features Krondon and Skeme.

During a September interview with HipHopDX, Kennedy spoke about how proud he is of the album he’s provided for his fans.

“They can expect the highest quality music they’ve definitely heard from me, and they’ve probably heard from a lot of genres, not just Hip Hop,” Kennedy said. “I’m introducing the album to encourage and reach a lot of people that probably never knew who Dom Kennedy was. But it’s in a great way. Without changing what I do or without compromising the integrity of Rap music or anything, I feel like people will be proud to say that this is their favorite Rap album of the moment. I feel like it’s been few and far between that people are able to say that in our generation. For people interested in Hip Hop and Rap music, I feel like they’ll be proud to say that.” 

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