Jimmy Henchman, a former music executive and one-time manager of Game and others, was sentenced to life in prison on narcotics conspiracy and other charges in Brooklyn federal court yesterday (October 25), as per newsday.com.

Jimmy Henchman, whose given name is James Rosemond, was convicted of overseeing an $11 million a year cocaine trafficking enterprise that stretched from coast to coast and used a musical equipment shipping company as a cover to move cash and cocaine, according to newsday.com.

Prosecutor Todd Kaminsky told U.S. District Judge John Gleeson that Jimmy Henchman continued his operation even after he discovered that he was under investigation, according to The Wall Street Journal’s website.

“About every stereotype you can think of about a drug kingpin was reflected in how he lived,” Kaminsky said, as per wsj.com.

The judge said he would have given Rosemond a life sentence even if it wasn’t legally mandated, according to wsj.com.

“You chose that life and this is the punishment you get,” the judge said, as per wsj.com.

“His image as a music impresario was a cover for the real Jimmy Rosemond, a thug in a suit,” Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch said, as per newsday.com.

Two years ago, agents seized a case containing $790,000 in vacuum-sealed plastic in $100,000 bundles, prosecutors said, wsj.com says. After the seizure, Rosemond began stashing drugs in hidden compartments in cars that were transported from coast to coast, the site says.

Henchman’s lawyers claimed he was framed by members of his crew who pleaded guilty and agreed to testify against him, including a Los Angeles dealer who admitted to supplying more than 200 pounds of drugs to Henchman’s operation during a two-year period, wsj.com reports.

Jimmy Henchman, who also worked with Gucci Mane, still faces a separate charge of conspiracy to murder an associate of 50 Cent, newsday.com reports. That charge is being handled in federal court in Manhattan.

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