50 Cent is the executive producer of a Sundance Channel reality television series, “Dream School,” a series where 15 high school drop outs are mentored by professionals from various fields. 50 Cent, who is also a mentor on the program, recently spoke about why he went from a behind-the-scenes role to having on-screen involvement on the program.

“Initially, I went into executive producing not actually being in the show,” 50 Cent said in an interview with MTV’s act blog. “Then I wanted to be a part of it, because of what it is. The consistent thing to register about Hip Hop and music is that if it ain’t about money, then it ain’t really about much, and I used the same thought process to communicate with the kids. Like I had to prove it was about the money. And they were all ready to hear it, because you don’t wanna be not about that.” 

50 also spoke about the teenagers who appear on the show.

“They all have their own individual obstacles,” 50 Cent said. “There are huge distractions in different ways, for completely different reasons, but it happens simultaneously. This is happening in the same room, and you can be involved close enough to understand it.” 

The show is also reportedly features mentors David Arquette, Swizz Beatz, Reverend Jesse Jackson and Soledad O’Brien.

It has been reported that 50 Cent appears as a mentor to Alan, a transgender teenager on “Dream School.” 

50 Cent Says His Son Has A Fear Of Him

During the interview, 50 Cent also spoke about his son, who is now 17.

“He has, I don’t know if you should call it, a fear of me,” 50 Cent said. “‘Cause it’s like, his mother will traditionally say, ‘You wait ’till your father finds out.”

50 Cent also addressed his ability to be a strict parent.

“Well, you know what, in certain areas,” 50 Cent said. “I feel like I’ve always made him feel like he’s the man when I’m not around, so it’s his job to make sure everything’s alright, to take care of your mother, to not give her a hard time.” 

50 Cent Says “I’m A Billion Dollars From Where I Came From”

During the interview, 50 Cent was also asked about his legacy. 

“When you see people that are really well-accomplished,” 50 Cent said. “Take these billionaires. You see that they have a strong sense of philanthropy. Their connection to giving back is a strength. So to me, I ain’t in that actual space yet financially, but I’m still a billion dollars from where I came from. I’m a billionaire from that perspective, so I’ve already taken on some of these things.”

50 Cent has had philanthropic efforts through various endeavors, including his The G-Unit Foundation. He has also been fighting poverty with purchases of his Street King products. Additionally, he’s done similar philanthropic work through his involvement with SMS Audio

In August 2011, 50 Cent said it was part of his mission to “change children’s lives around the world.”

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