In 2007, Ja Rule was arrested for weapons possession, and a conviction sent him to prison for two years. The New York rapper was finally released this past May.

In a recent interview with TMZ, Ja revealed that of all the complaints he might’ve had while in the pen, the food wasn’t necessarily one of them.

“It’s not too good,” said Ja, before adding, “You get packages and stuff like that. You can eat decent enough. I ate everything. In jail we was pretty crafty. We made lasagna, we made cheesecakes.”

Ja continued, explaining that he left most of the cooking to himself. “I didn’t really eat prison food. I didn’t go to the chow hall too much. We usually just cooked in our dorm. That’s when we made it, it was pretty decent,” he said.

Watch the interview below:

Since exiting prison, Ja has recorded “Fresh Out Da Pen,” a track addressing his stint in prison. Rule has also since addressed abstaining from drug use, and reunited with fellow Murder Inc. Records alum Ashanti in the studio.

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