With two albums under his belt prior to the release of Nothing Was The Same, Canadian singer/rapper Drake says he was challenged to take a different approach on his third LP. According to the Young Money artist, it was one of his partners in music who challenged him to trim the fat from his latest album and even provided the rapper with a song cap of about 13 to 14 tracks.

“My right-hand partner in music creation, challenged me on this album to trim that fat,” said Drizzy. “To make a very concise project and asked me to—actually gave me a song cap. Asked me to keep it at 13 or 14 songs on the original. And so that was an interesting challenge for me. And now that it’s out and the world appreciates it, it’s a great feeling.”

Drake further commented on Nothing Was The Same during his hour-long interview with Jian Ghomeshi of CBC Radio as he spoke on wanting to be more personal and relatable on his third studio album. The rapper even suggested that he may have reached his peak when it concerns the personal aspects featured in his music.

“I definitely wanted to tell more of the story,” said Drake. “That was one thing that another person I know, whose opinion I respect very much, I asked them ‘What’s next? What comes next? What would you want to hear from me?’ And they said to me, ‘I want to hear you tell—give me more of the story. I know great things about you that other people don’t know. Whether it’s with family, with women. Just give me more of your story. Get more personal.’ More personal, yeah. And I think I pushed it to its max on this record. I don’t know if there is another step to take after this.

“I think I’m gonna figure out what’s next for me, but there is another evolution for Drake after this,” he added. “You know, definitely. I don’t know if it’s going—I don’t think it’s going further, I think that I’m gonna make whatever adjustment I end up making. I always like to grow. I always like to grow with every record, but I always like to sort of change direction a bit. So, with this it’s a lot more, it’s a lot more aggressive. It’s a lot more confident. And the reflections I think are a lot clearer. They’re a lot more accurate. So, I’m telling stories with details that maybe, you know I was so caught up while I was making Take Care, maybe I didn’t remember these little, small details that make you really able to relate to the song.“

Released on September 24, Nothing Was The Same went on to sell well over 650,000 copies in its first week. Despite sales numbers that are up there with some of the year’s biggest releases, Drake says he had no expectations when it came to albums sales for his third studio album.

“Best advice I ever got is: No expectations lead to no disappointments. So I have no expectations,” said the rapper during an interview with MTV News. “Really, just more than September 24, I’m just excited whenever people get the music. The numbers, the sales, all that stuff it’s cool. I’m sure I’ll get into it on the day like, ‘How much did we sell,’ trying to figure it out, but aside from that, I’m just excited for people to hear the full body of work.”

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