Charron made headlines after being excluded from BET’s Hip Hop Awards despite winning a slot in the year’s cyphers during a “106 & Park” contest. Charron spoke with HipHopDX after viewing the cyphers that aired on the network’s award show yesterday (October 15) and rated the best and worst of the night. 

When asked about the best performances in the cyphers, Charron said he also wanted to rank the worst. 

“Skilled emcees deserve praise,” Charron said. “Wack emcees need a wake up call.” 

Charron Ranks The Best BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher Performances 

According to Charron, the best performances of the evening came from Slaughterhouse. Charron also praised performances from Kendrick Lamar, Jon Connor, Wax and Rittz, among others.

“All of them killed it,” Charron said in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “I view Slaughterhouse as the epitome of Hip Hop. I ranked them over Kendrick because of punchlines and multi-syllabic structure. I wasn’t a fan of the beat they were given, though. Kendrick was the best rapper in this cypher, hands down. His flow and delivery is impeccable. I just don’t think his pen game is up to par with Slaughterhouse.

Jon Conner was punching,” Charron continued. “The Dr. Dre closer was disgusting. His ‘not the father dance’ line actually had me laughing. I honestly think he could be a top-tier battler in this current format. Wax is just the man. His style is unique and he has excellent rhyme structure. Rittz was rapping his ass off. I was also really feeling Action Bronson and Astro from ‘X Factor.'” 

Charron Ranks The Worst BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher Performances  

Beyond praising emcees, Charron also commented on performances that he found to be less impressive. 

Travi$ Scott was by far the worst,” Charron said. “It really upset me because it seemed like he didn’t want to be there. Was he high on halothane vapor?”

Scott later criticized his own verse, saying that he freestyled and that he was not impressed by the beat chosen to back his cypher verse. 

Charron also criticized Lil’ Kim and Tiffany Foxx.

“Lil Kim’s ratchet protege spit like eight bars?” Charron said. “Eight bars, too much for my taste. Lil’ Kim said people look at her like a Leprechaun, which made me do a slow clap. Not like she needs any more clap.” 

Charron Explains Why He Wouldn’t Fit In Some BET Hip Hop Awards Cyphers

When asked which cypher he would join if he had a chance to be featured this year, Charron discussed the cyphers he wouldn’t be included in. 

“Definitely not A$AP Mob‘s,” Charron said, “although my striking resemblance to Zack Efron would have been suitable for their reenactment of High School Musical. Slaughterhouse doesn’t need another member. I respect TDE, but I’m a germaphobe and would have been unable to high five K-Dot. ‘Husbands of Hollywood?’ I did just son a lot of untalented artists. Not worthy of Chocolate Drop, though.”

Finally, Charron selected a cypher he would have liked to have been a part of. 

“I would select a spot with Wax, Rapsody, Emis Killa, Rittz and Jon Connor,” Charron said. “That cypher was filled with bars.”

That cypher can be viewed below.

2131152153cyp1 by YardieGoals

Charron Thanks Fans Who Viewed His Cypher Verse 

Charron recently released his own cypher verse, which included disses aimed at BET and other artists, including Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross and Usher.

Charron says he’s been grateful for the responses his video has provided. 

“Thanks to everyone that listened to my cypher verse,” Charron said.

Charron also said he’s been paying attention to the feedback he’s been receiving. 

“I appreciate the kind words and constructive criticism,” he says. “I plan on working on my delivery and flow. I can’t help being awkward though. Sorry, guys.” 

Charron’s cypher video, which includes disses to Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross and Usher, among others, can be viewed below. 

Earlier this month, Charron spoke with HipHopDX about this exclusion from the BET Hip Hop Awards cypher. The rapper was excluded from taping of the cyphers despite winning a slot in the award show cyphers during a “106 & Park” contest. 

“I was avoided for months and given a response after the cypher was pre-filmed,” Charron said in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “At the end of the day, I was denied of a prize we contractually agreed on.

“I have proof that I’ve emailed people I’ve been dealing with,” Charron added. “I made phone calls. I have records from June and earlier dates. They didn’t respond…They [later] told me they changed the format for this year, but if you look, there’s no format change. It’s the same as every year.” 

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