Charron, who detailed his exclusion from BET’s Hip Hop Awards cypher Wednesday (October 2), recently dissed Mac Miller in a video blog. Charron spoke with HipHopDX about why he decided to diss the Watching Movies With The Sound Off rapper. 

“I actually really enjoy Mac Miller’s music,” Charron said in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “I hold no resentment towards him at all. I stumbled on a tweet he made about wanting someone to diss him really bad. Who else better to insult someone than a battle rapper?” 

Charron is likely referring to the following Twitter update, which was made by Mac Miller on September 26.

Charron responded with the following video a day later.  

Charron Describes Battle Vs. DNA On King Of The Dot

Charron is one of King of the Dot’s most acclaimed battle rappers. He recently faced off against DNA. The two had what DNA has called a “battle of the year” candidate.



“During the battle I was just concerned about getting all of my bars out,” Charron said. “The DNA battle was set up eight days before the event. I was nervous because DNA was my best opponent and this was the least prepared I’ve ever been. In retrospect, it made the battle better because it forced us to freestyle more under pressure.”

DNA spoke about the battle in September.

“It was one of me and Charron’s best performances and it might be battle of the year,” DNA said in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “I feel like it’s one of those battles where people will say he won and some will say I won but really, the fans won.” 



Charron’s battle against DNA can be viewed below.

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