Cam’ron’s history with fellow Harlem emcee Ma$e goes back to high school. The duo, along with Big L were members of the group Children of the Corn.

In a recent interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Cam spoke about the state of his current relationship with Ma$e after rumors of beef.

“I haven’t spoken to Ma$e in three or four years,” said Cam, referring to Ma$e’s back-and-forth between the church and Hip Hop. “Ma$e just be up and down. He’ll do the church thing, then you’ll go on his Instagram and you be like…he tougher than leather, man.”

As Cam reflected on any beef he and Ma$e may have had, Cam’ron explained he understood now the pressure that Ma$e was under as one of the top-selling acts in Hip Hop. “Looking back on it, and seeing my young boys that surround me now, Ma$e was twenty-one years old, sold five million records, had about seven, eight million dollars… I’m looking at some of my young boys that are twenty-four, twenty-five, and I’m like [who] would go buck, ape-crazy [over] five hundred thousand dollars.”

“If you’re twenty-one and twenty-two years old with that kind of money, and your first album you ever put out sells three, four million records, your mentality is way different, and it was a lot to handle at that age,” said Cam.

During the interview, Cam’ron was asked about his business acumen, which has resulted in him owning several businesses. “I don’t like really working for anybody. I don’t like waking up early, I don’t like sitting in traffic. That’s always been my mind state, even with music. …I would hate to go work for someone I know I’m smarter than,” he said.

Cam gave parting advice for aspiring businesspeople. “All investments aren’t good. I tried to open up a Golden Corral, that didn’t work. You got different things that work, [other things that don’t]. You gotta take a chance if you believe in what you doing.”

Watch the interview below:

Cam’ron’s latest project, Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1, was released on October 1.

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