With Pusha T’s upcoming debut album, My Name Is My Name on the horizon, hitting shelves on Tuesday (October 8), the GOOD Music rapper recently explained why he’s still competing in Hip Hop.

Pusha started off by explaining that he feels like a part of Hip Hop more than any time in the past. “I feel like a rapper more than I’ve ever felt like one,” he said in an interview with Noisey. “I got rappers in my phone. I talk to rappers on the phone. I do features for rappers for free, we have rapper conversations. We do the handshake and the hugs at the same time, and shit. I fake smile, I do it all, man. I’m in the the Rap world. I’m in it. I’m here now.”

“If I’m in this Rap game, fully invested, if I’ve taken some of the losses I’ve taken, if I do all the work that I do, I’m here to accomplish, achieve, and take every accolade that’s due to me,” said the Clipse rapper.

Pusha continued alluding to other factors in the industry that may make it difficult to simply “This business isn’t that nice for me to just ‘do it for the love.’ I’ma leave that to someone else. I love making music. I love writing. I love performing. But this business? Nah, man. It ain’t just about the love for me.”

Watch the interview below:

My Name Is My Name is led by the singles “Pain,” “Numbers on the Boards,” and “Sweet Serenade.” The album will feature Rick Ross, Ab-Liva, The-Dream, Kendrick Lamar, and others, and will feature production from Kanye West, Nottz, The Neptunes, and more.

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