With his most recent solo album, Stay Trippy, now behind him, Tennessee rapper-producer Juicy J has found himself assisting with a number of projects, including fellow Taylor Gang emcee Wiz Khalifa’s upcoming album. But among the most notable albums Juicy J will lend his production talents to is one from the late Pimp C.

News of what will likely be Pimp C’s third posthumous album was revealed earlier in the year and, according to the Three 6 Mafia member, it will be executive produced by Pimp C’s wife, Chinara Butler, and will include a handful of records he produced.

“I’m producing it,” the Stay Tripper rapper revealed. “I’m not gonna do all the production on it, but I’mma definitely do a lot. I’mma have a lot in. But I’m not executive producing it. His wife is. Me and Pimp C we came up together somewhat. UGK, we done a lot of records together. Shouts out to Bun B and rest in peace Mama Wes…We did a lot of records back in the day and I know his sound. I know Pimp C’s sound. He rapped over a lot of my tracks from back in the day. It’s like a no-brainer.”

Juicy J also touched briefly on the other projects he’s working on, which include an album from the Wiz Khalifa-led Taylor Gang.

“I’m producing this Pimp C album,” Juicy J said. “And I’m producing some tracks on Wiz’ album and some features or whatever. And Taylor Gang album.”

The North Memphis wordsmith may dabble in production for other artists here and there, but he says for his album he wanted to take a different route by recruiting producers like Mike WiLL and Lex Luger.

“I wanted to do something different,” Juicy J said. “I coulda made the beats all myself, but I don’t want an album to sound the same. I don’t want all the songs and everything to be the same, all my production. And, you know, I’m fans of Dr. Luke. I’m fans of Mike WiLL. I’m a fan of Lex Luger. I like their beats. Timbaland. So, I wanted to try something different.”

Prior to Pimp C’s death in 2007, the rapper collaborated with both Juicy J and Three 6 Mafia on numerous occasions. Among the most reveled collabs from the Tennessee spitters and UGK were 2000’s “Sippin’ on Some Syrup” and “Int’l Players Anthem (I Choose You) (Remix).”

There’s no word yet on when Pimp C’s latest posthumous LP will be released.

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