Earl Sweatshirt recently spoke about his impression of Drake. In an interview with The New York Times, Sweatshirt called Drake “grandma nice” and spoke about an argument that he witnessed between Drake and Tyler, the Creator’s mother. In the interview, Sweatshirt also spoke about his impression of Canada. 

“It was crazy,” Sweatshirt said when asked about a recent visit to Canada. “Canadians are weirdos, though. They are so nice, overbearing nice, like grandmother nice. Toronto is like a city of grandmas.”

When reminded that Drake is from Toronto, Sweatshirt was also asked if Drake is “grandma nice.”

“Dude, Drake is grandma nice,” Sweatshirt said. “He was at Frank Ocean’s show in [Los Angeles] and got into an argument with Tyler, the Creator’s mom. I left and came back in the room, and she was apologizing to him for how she came at him, and he was saying, ‘It’s all love. I love you, mom. I love moms.’ Drake loves moms.” 

This isn’t the first time that Sweatshirt has spoken about his impression of Drake. 

“Drake, that’s what I’m excited about,” Sweatshirt told MTV in a video published September 4. “That fool’s on fire right now. Shouts out. I don’t think you get the same imagery that I do when I say the name Drake. I think about him in some fucking leather pants with some tight-ass shoes on and some sort of soft material shirt with a funky collar, like not a regular collar…Every time I think about Drake, it’s a stunt, like [he] is doing something wild.”

During the same interview with MTV, Sweatshirt also spoke about Drake’s interaction with someone’s mother.

“I met Drake,” Sweatshirt said. “I don’t think he really fucking knew who I was and it was a very hectic scenario ’cause he was getting pressed by somebody’s mom. Long story. Anyways, fuck with me Drake.” 

Sweatshirt’s video interview with MTV can be seen below. 

Earl Sweatshirt Addresses Rick Ross’ Controversy With Reebok

In his NYTimes interview, Sweatshirt also addressed Rick Ross’ Reebok controversy.

“Rick Ross,” Sweatshirt said. “If he was everything that he rapped about, he’d be the worst coke-dealing mass murderer ever. People got mad because he said something bad on a cool song. That was ridiculous on Reebok’s part. You picked up Rick Ross. He’s cocaine. That’s what his entire career is.”  

In April 2013, Reebok announced their severing of an endorsement deal with Rick Ross. The announcement followed public protests by many people, including members of women’s rights groups, including UltraViolet. The protests came due to Ross’ lyrics on Rocko’s “U.O.E.N.O.,” which were interpreted to suggest rape

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