Sunday (September 8), SMACK/Ultimate Rap League (URL) held its “Summer Madness 3” event at Manhattan, New York’s Stage 48. The event was marred by delays due to alleged security issues and technical difficulties. After the delays, the event was abruptly cancelled following an altercation between Serius Jones and Math Hoffa.

Daylyt, whose main event battle against Swave Sevah was among the battles cancelled, spoke with HipHopDX about the night’s ending. In an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, Daylyt said he believes Math’s alleged escalation of the battle into physical violence was a set-up in order to get the rest of the night cancelled.

“Even if Math and Jones would have continued their battle, we still wouldn’t have been able to battle because [Stage 48] was going to close at 1 AM,” Daylyt said in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “When Math hit Serius Jones, it was 12:57.” 

Daylyt Says SMACK/URL May Have Asked Math Hoffa To Punch Serius Jones

Daylyt’s theory goes beyond the timing of the altercation.

“There’s things people did not see,” Daylyt said. “Did you not see [Smack/URL co-founder Eric] Beasley and Serius Jones get into it upstairs? Right before Jones came downstairs, he and Beasley got into it. It’s a conspiracy. They were arguing and Beasley was upstairs kicking trashcans. Then as soon as he comes downstairs, Math hit Jones. I’m almost thinking that they told Math to do that.”

Daylyt also said he disagreed with Ultimate Rap League’s decision to allow DNA and others on stage during the event. 

“If we’re on a ‘tight schedule’…why would you bring them out on stage?” Daylyt said. “You say you don’t fuck with them no more, and then you bring Hitman [Holla], Con[ceited] and all these niggas on stage? You’re wasting time.”

Moreover, Daylyt said he felt this was “set-up,” perhaps because he is from the West Coast. 

“Every time there is a West Coast nigga on URL’s stage, it almost never goes down,” Daylyt said. “Like, this shit happened with Dizaster and now it’s happening with me. Why? What is the science of this shit? It’s starting to seem set-up to me.”

Daylyt Says “It’s Over” For SMACK/URL 

Daylyt also added that URL may have longstanding consequences as a result of the fight at “Summer Madness 3.”

“Something like this happens, and they’re going to be told ‘No, your events are violent and dangerous,’ so I don’t even know where they’re going to be able to book an event now,” Daylyt said. “It’s over.” 

Troy “Smack” Mitchell, host and co-founder of SMACK/URL, tweeted about the incident.  

Daylyt Asks For $200,000 For His Next SMACK/URL Battle

Moreover, Daylyt also said he wasn’t informed that his match had been cancelled due to the fight. When he reached the stage to discover what was happening, Smack and Beasley had already left the venue. However, Daylyt said he received payment for his cancelled battle and that Beasley called to apologize the following day. 

Still, Daylyt says he doesn’t foresee continuing his relationship with URL.

“If they want me anywhere near [a] URL stage, they have to fly all 30 of my homies back out and I need $200,000,” Daylyt said. “Other than that, fuck ‘em.”

Daylyt also had other frustrations regarding the URL event. According to Daylyt, URL did not make a hotel reservation for him and they did not grant him V.I.P. access at the venue despite being a competitor in the main event of “Summer Madness 3.” 

Daylyt also said that his cancelled “Summer Madness 3” main event match-up against Swave Sevah will take place at King of the Dot’s “Blackout” event this year.

URL has denied these claims. The company recently said that battles that did not take place Sunday at “Summer Madness 3” will take place later this year.  

SMACK/URL Responds To Fight Between Serius Jones & Math Hoffa 

URL’s verified Twitter account responded to fans’ questions regarding the event.  

Math Hoffa Responds To The Fight With Serius Jones

Math Hoffa also tweeted about the event.  

Serius Jones Responds To Fight With Math Hoffa

Serius Jones sent a series of tweets regarding the incident.  

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