Daylyt is scheduled to make his URL debut at this year’s “Summer Madness 3” event, set to take place September 8. 

“I am here,” Daylyt says in the announcement video. “Through all the hassles I went through, through all the gates I had to jump, through all the small fences I had to climb over and yet they expect me to do the small game. But that’s for y’all lames. I play a different ball game from most of you clowns.

“They say it’s the views,” Daylyt continues. “I get the views. Then they say, ‘It’s not what you do, it’s who you battle.’ I get the battles. Then they say, ‘It’s not URL,’ and now, it’s URL. Do you know what this means? This means none of you niggas can no longer run.” 

The Watts, California rapper has battled for King of the Dot, Rap Battle Network and Don’t Flop, among other leagues. Daylyt has become known for his behavior in battles, including wearing masks and costumes to battles, such as a Batman outfit, a ski mask and a Ku Klux Klan hood. The rapper, who has a Spawn tattoo on his face, also made headlines earlier this year when he undressed in a battle saying he would get “ass naked with a shotgun,” referencing his single, “Ass Naked With A Shotgun.” Day was also in the headlines after his confrontation with Math Hoffa closed RBN’s “Barfest” event

Day addressed the criticism he has faced. “They askin’ how come this nigga don’t take shit serious,” he said. “I reply exactly what they told me. ‘If it ain’t URL, it don’t count.'” 

Day’s opponent for September 8’s “Summer Madness 3” has not been officially announced. “Summer Madness 2” was one of the most successful URL events in the league’s history, with Diddy participating in the day’s festivities and Jay Z later tweeting about it. The event is best known for the Loaded Lux battle versus Calicoe.

The announcement can be seen below. 

UPDATE: Daylyt’s opponent for “Summer Madness 3” will be Swave Sevah. The announcement was made in the initial minutes of the Charlie Clips vs. B Magic battle, which can be seen below.

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