In August, Eminem debuted a new song, “Survival,” in a trailer for the video game Call of Duty: Ghosts. Now, it has been announced that purchases of Call of Duty: Ghosts made at GameStop on November 5, when the game is released, will come with a code that allows fans to download a special edition of Eminem’s new album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, also set to be released on November 5.

The special edition of the project will include “Survival.” Eminem spoke about the importance of the song to the video game. 

“The energy and intensity of ‘Survival’ really matches ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’,” Eminem said in a press release, as per Billboard. “I’m excited to continue to be a part of the franchise.”

Tim Ellis, CMO of Activision Publishing, Inc., spoke about the partnership. 

“‘Call of Duty’ is the ultimate adrenaline rush,” said Ellis in a press release. “It’s the intensity and heart-pounding excitement you feel as the action unfolds. And Eminem embodies this same spirit and captures this in his music. The breadth of this program takes our partnership to a new level and will continue to unfold in the months to come. It’s going to be a massive day in entertainment with the launch of Call of Duty: Ghosts and [TheMarshall Mathers LP 2 both hitting on November 5th.”

The video for Eminem’s “Bererk” can be seen below.

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