During A$AP Rocky’s appearance at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, some believed he appeared homophobic while standing beside Jason Collins, an openly gay professional basketball player. Rocky says that he noticed this himself when he viewed the appearance on television.

“I’m mad that my facial expressions was like that because I’m not homophobic at all, and that whole thing just came off real homophobic,” said Rocky in an interview with The Stashed. “I didn’t really notice it until I got home and saw it. I apologize to Jason for that, because people was laughing and shit, and you know… I really don’t think that’s funny. I saw they were making all the memes and pictures and making fun of him. There’s people out there that think I was doing that to be funny, and truthfully I got gay people in my family. I don’t give a fuck if you gay or you not, I just found it odd that MTV wanted to stand me next to this nigga when they are talking about gay people. That’s all.”

Rocky’s appearance at the MTV VMAs can be seen below.

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Rocky’s interview can be viewed below.

Rocky has previously spoken about homophobia.

“I’m a heterosexual man,” Rocky said in February 2012. “I’ve never been gay a day of my life. I used to be homophobic, but as I got older, I realized that wasn’t the way to do things. I don’t discriminate against anybody for their sexual preference, for their skin color… That’s immature. Not only that, not only do I know the difference between that, but I’m wise enough to know that that’s just stupid and wrong, and I’m just trying to spread that to everybody. Yo, you don’t have to worry about what he’s doing. If he’s gay, that’s his business. Why does it matter? If you gay, why do you care? I don’t give a fuck about gay people. I don’t! I don’t give a fuck about straight people. I don’t care. It don’t matter to me. I’m getting bitches, I’m getting money – not to get into my Hip Hop form, but that’s just what it is. I’m just trying to set the bar that you can do what the fuck you want to do because the world is yours.”

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