“Battle of the Bay 6” (“BOTB 6”), an event organized by King of the Dot (KOTD), is set to feature a variety of match-ups in Oakland, California on October 12. Dizaster versus Aye Verb, Pass versus DNA, The Saurus versus John John Da Don and Ness Lee versus Remy D are among the battles that have been announced on the card. Lush One and Aspect One spoke with HipHopDX about the matches and announced a new face-off to HipHopDX. 

Chilla Jones versus The Deadman is also slated to take place at “Battle of the Bay 6,” according to Lush One, who revealed the news exclusively to HipHopDX. “By the way, the other battles on the card are equally huge and amazing,” Lush said. 

While the other battles are scheduled to be announced at a later date, Lush broke down the matches that were presented in the first trailer for the event. 

“Dizaster and Aye Verb are two of the most charismatically offensive human beings on the planet,” Lush said. “Their egos are the size of cathedrals and they each have legions of worshippers who will swear they won the battle regardless of the outcome. But this battle will be defined by both of these titans reaching their peak levels. They both will rise to the occasion, inspired by the environment and magnitude of the event. We will see to that.” 

“Fresh Coast vet of the Scribble Jam era, The Saurus is getting his first shot at an [Ultimately Rap League] vet on his own soil,” Lush continued. “John John Da Don is looking to set himself apart from a certain class of emcee. Both have a lot to prove.

“DNA & Pass are two of the most diverse and authentic emcees in the battle realm,” Lush added. “I know they will inspire peak performances from each other that the streets and Internet will appreciate equally. The same could be said for Remy D & Ness Lee.” 

Aspect One addressed the importance of stylistic balance at “Battle of the Bay 6.” 

“There is combination of style, opinion, and aggression,” Aspect said. “From Dizaster to Ness Lee to Thesaurus to DNA, the range of competition on the card is unmatched.” 

The Battle of the Bay 6’s card announcement can be viewed below. 

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