One of this year’s most discussed songs, Big Sean’s “Control,” was originally meant to be in Jay Z’s hands, according to the track’s producer, No I.D. 

“I had a conversation with Big Sean towards the end of his album,” No I.D. said in an interview with Complex. “I told him I felt like he needed to do some straight, hardcore Hip Hop records. Sometimes we focus so much on selling records that we leave some artistic points uncovered.

“I had this beat,” No I.D. continued. “I had actually done it for Jay, right before I let [Sean] hear it. I said, ‘You should take this beat. I think it would be great for you to show up on one of these beats. Forget money. Forget everything.'”

Big Sean ended up taking the beat as a potential cut for his Hall of Fame album, which was released Tuesday (August 27). 

Though Big Sean crafted “Control” over the beat with help from Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica, the song did not end up on Hall of Fame. Instead, the track was leaked, causing great discussion, likely due to the names referenced in Kendrick Lamar’s verse. 

“I’m usually homeboys with the same niggas I’m rhymin’ with,” Kendrick Lamar said on the song. “But this is Hip Hop and them niggas should know what time it is. That goes for Jermaine ColeBig K.R.I.T.WalePusha T, Meek MillA$AP RockyDrake, Big Sean, Jay Electron, TylerMac Miller. I got love for you all but I’m tryin’ to murder you niggas. Trying to make sure your core fans never heard of you niggas [and that] they don’t want to hear not one more noun or verb from you niggas. What is competition? I’m trying to raise the bar high.”

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