Rapsody’s just-released She Got Game mixtape was primarily produced by 9th Wonder. Even though the North Carolina beatsmith didn’t handle the music for the collection’s “Feel Like (Love Love)” track, he helped secure Common’s appearance on the song.

“9th and Common have known each other for a while and they talk from time to time,” Rapsody says during an interview with therealhip-hop.com. “I had that record and it just sounded like him to me. I even got the ‘Feels like love, love,’ inspiration from him because it sounds like something along the lines of something he would do. 9th just reached out to him one day and sent him the song. Common heard it and said, ‘Yeah.’ Not to say it was that easy, but that’s just what it was. I was blown away. He had a speaking engagement down here at North Carolina Central and I went to it. He gave a phenomenal speech and I went to meet him afterwards. He was very nice, humble and a real genuine dude. He was like, ‘I got the record and I like it. I’m gonna do that for you. You got my word and when I give my word, I give my word.’ That was one of the last records we were waiting for because he was shooting two movies during the summer.”

9th Wonder also laid the foundation for Raekwon’s appearance on She Got Game track “Coconut Oil,” which also features Mela Machinko.

“I met Raekwon two years ago for the first time,” Rapsody says. “He had a show in Raleigh and after the show, 9th got him and brought him to the studio. I was working on Thank H.E.R. Now at the time. He looked at me and said, ‘You sing?’ which most people ask when they don’t know me. I was like, ‘No, I rap,’ and he asked to hear something. 9th played him a joint and he was like, ‘Wow, let’s do something.’ The first song we ever did was ‘Black Diamonds’ in 2011. He reached out to me later on and I did a record for one of his projects that hasn’t come out yet. We sent him another one because I wanted to work with him again. I love Raekwon like everyone else does. It was supposed to be on The Idea of Beautiful originally, but with timing issues it didn’t work out, so we just held on to it. He finished it and we put it on the tape.”

She Got Game is hosted by DJ Drama and is part of his Gangsta Grillz series.

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