Although a follow-up record to Jay Z’s The Blueprint single “Song Cry” has yet to see the light of day, according to producer Just Blaze, a “Song Cry 2” has been recorded and was even considered for placement on a handful of albums from Jay Z including his most recent LP, Magna Carta Holy Grail.

Before a sequel to “Song Cry” was considered for Magna Carta Holy Grail, the record was almost featured on The Black Album as a song titled “Hello Young Lady.” Unfortunately, the record was eventually axed from the project for sounding too similar to “Song Cry.”

“Me and Jay did a song, this might have been—I think it was from The Black Album, maybe. It was called ‘Hello Young Lady’ and it was kind of like a ‘Song Cry’ part two,” Just Blaze revealed while on Sway In The Morning. “And the reason we didn’t put it out was because subject matter-wise it was so close to [‘Song Cry’]. Basically, it was like how ‘Song Cry’ was three verses, these were the next three verses of that same song. But it was so close it was just like ‘Ah, we already did this. We don’t really need to do it again.’”

While “Song Cry 2” again did not make the cut when it concerned Jay Z’s most recent album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, Just Blaze promised to get the rapper to eventually release the record.

“We did revisit that idea like right when he first started figuring out what he wanted to do with Magna Carta and he came to see me,” said the producer. “We actually did bring that record up. And it was a contender for a day or two…One day I’mma get him to put it out.”

Featured on Jay Z’s sixth studio album, The Blueprint, “Song Cry” was produced by Just Blaze and went on to receive a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Solo Performance following its release.

Video of Just Blaze’s appearance on Sway In The Morning can be found below (via Nah Right).

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