Tonight (August 17), the Red Bull BC One North American Finals will take place in Houston, Texas. The 16-contestant breakdancing/B-boy battle will see the winner advance to the World Finals in Seoul, Korea later this year.

Beginning at 9pm CST (local time), the schedule for the 10th anniversary event is as follows:

1.    Gravity (Brooklyn, NY) vs. Lancer (San Diego, CA)

2.    VicNice (Orlando, FL) vs. Jeremy (Houston, TX)

3.    Lil Rock (Fullerton, CA) vs. KNUCKLES (Philadelphia, PA)

4.    Flexum (Bay Area, CA) vs. Keebz (McAllen, TX)

5.    Nasty Ray (San Jose, CA) vs. Ben (Las Vegas, NV)

6.    Starvin Sa-Ewl (Rialto, CA) vs. Vicious (Montreal, Canada)

7.    Kareem (Sacramento, CA) vs. Whorah (New York, NY)

8.    Dang (Houston, TX) vs. MIJO (Milwaukee, WI)

9.    Winner of #1 and #2

10.  Winner of #3 and #4

11.  Winner of #5 and #6

12.  Winner of #7 and #8

The stream of the event, provided by Red Bull, is below:

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