Young Jeezy’s Thug Motivation series is one of Hip Hop’s most beloved album series in recent years. In a recent interview with REVOLT, Jeezy revealed that, unsurprisingly, motivating others is one of Jeezy’s primary goals.

“[Music] is all built on motivation. Music was always motivation to hustle, get money [and] do whatever you do and be the best at it. Michael Phelps, Serena Williams, to me, they’re great for what they do and I feel like I’m the same so you kind of listen to people and get inspired from other people that handle difficult situations differently,” said Jeezy, name-checking two of his most famous fans. “So when you get on that court, you want to hear something that motivates you. But when I get in the booth, that’s what I’m thinking, whether it’s for the streets, whether it’s for somebody in the corporate world, whatever it is, it’s all motivation.”

Jeezy admitted that lyricism isn’t his primary goal when making music. “I don’t like to rap the rhymes to make the words go together. It’s like having a conversation. I want to tell you something, and you can walk away with a piece of that.”

Jeezy also spoke about Bo$$ Yo Life Up Gang, a compilation project featuring his CTE crew. “I wouldn’t call it an album…but I wouldn’t call it a mixtape because I think more work and effort went into it,” explained Jizzle. “I had someone ask my why I would give it away and not sell it, and I would tell them the same thing I told Trick Daddy and Jazzy Pha when they told me not to put out [Tha Streets Iz Watchin] as a mixtape, and I said, ‘No, I want the world to hear this to see what I got, and then next body of work I do is gonna be better. And that was Thug Motivation 101.”

Young Jeezy’s last studio album was 2011’s TM: 103 Hustlerz Ambition. His most recent mixtape was #ItsThaWorld, released in May.

Watch the interview below:

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