Kendrick Lamar, who made news this week as the center of conversation with the release of his verse on Big Sean’s “Control,” recently spoke about his film writing, a possible collaboration with Drake and his next album. 

“I never quite know when I’m going to get back in that studio,” Lamar said of when he will record his next album, in an interview with Radio. “It could be tomorrow. It could be a year. It could be two years. It could be tonight. When it comes it will come…I don’t know when I will get back in there.” 

The good kid, m.A.A.d. city rapper also addressed questions about creating another concept album. 

“I don’t know,” he said. “I’d like to do something new, something a little bit different every album. When I get back in [the studio], I think I’ll figure it out. But most likely, I won’t stray away too far.” 

Although he may not be recording his next album yet, the Compton, California emcee said he has been working. 

I write every day,” he said. “That’s the catch.” 

Writing rhymes has also transferred to his writing of a script. The emcee talked about his plans for a film based on good kid, m.A.A.d. city

“It’s a big difference as far as putting my focus into it and not really being distracted,” Lamar said. “But it comes from the music, it shouldn’t be that hard to structure. I want to make sure I direct all my attention into it. If I do this, make a short film, I want to make sure I put my all into it.” 

Lamar is hoping for John Singleton, the Hughes Brothers or Spike Lee to direct the film once he is finished writing. 

Lamar also said that he has no plans to work on a collaborative album with Drake after he was asked about a possible Watch the Throne-like collaboration with the Canadian rapper. 

“That would be crazy, right?” Lamar said. “Nobody ever asks me that. But I don’t think we could do that because it’s already been done. [We’ll] probably have to try and do something new.”

Lamar was also asked if he will appear on Drake’s upcoming Nothing Was the Same album. “God willing,” he said. “Hopefully.” 

Lamar mentioned Drake in his verse for Big Sean’s “Control.” 

“I’m usually homeboys with the same niggas I’m rhymin’ with,” Lamar says on the song. “But this is Hip Hop and them niggas should know what time it is. That goes for Jermaine ColeBig K.R.I.T.WalePusha T, Meek MillA$AP RockyDrake, Big Sean, Jay Electron[ica], Tyler[, the Creator]Mac Miller. I got love for you all but I’m tryin’ to murder you niggas. Trying to make sure your core fans never heard of you niggas [and that] they don’t want to hear not one more noun or verb from you niggas. What is competition? I’m trying to raise the bar high.” 

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