Last year, Meek Mill and Kendrick Lamar both appeared on “Power Circle,” from Maybach Music Group’s Self Made Vol. 2 compilation. This week, Kendrick’s verse on Big Sean’s “Control (HOF)” mentioned Meek Mill in his controversial bars claiming reign over his Rap peers. K Dot rapped, “Pusha T, Meek Millz, A$AP Rocky, Drake, Big Sean, Jay Electron’, Tyler, Mac Miller /
I got love for you all, but I’m tryna murder you niggas.”

Hours after the song leaked, Meek Mill appeared on Power 99, in his hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvia. Host Mina SayWhat asked Meek’s thoughts on the verse. “He’s not comin’ at him in a disrespectful way, he’s comin’ at him in a competitive way,” said Meek, who compared it to sports. “It’s like if me and my homie playin’ basketball—I’ma tell you: I’ma dunk on you, I’ma spin off you, I’ma give you 30 points a night like Lebron [James]. I’m pretty sure [NBA players] hang around each other in the club and all that, but [still trash talk competitively].”

Meek said that his battle with a gold-selling (nearly platinum) peer is quite different from the local battles he’s been involved with throughout his career. “People get it misunderstood. [On] Philly diss records, you don’t even know a person, [and you saying] you’re gonna blow they head off, shoot your mom with you see you. On some Rap stuff, you’re like, ‘Aight, bet. Put your vest on, ’cause doin’ some shots too, havin’ fun with it.’ That’s what Hip Hop about.”

The former Grand Hustle Records artist did imply that he plans on responding to Kendrick. Unclear whether speaking to Kendrick’s Black Hippy quartet with Jay Rock, ScHoolboy Q and Ab-Soul or just K-Dot, Mill stated, “I’ma tell y’all: y’all what y’all run; I run the streets.” To the Philly emcee, he’s the king of his own place in Hip Hop. “I’m in a lane by myself. I’m the only [one] that’s lyrically spittin’ some street music and gettin’ money. Kendrick [Lamar and Black Hippy], I’ma tell ’em in a rap: y’all can run that backpack, I’ma run these streets.” Backpack refers to a style of lyrical Hip Hop and sampling popular in the 1990s. Meek stressed that this competition is purely amicable. “We gonna have fun with it; get money. Hip Hop needed that.”

(August 14)

UPDATE: Hours after Meek Mill’s Power 99 interview comments circulated, Kendrick Lamar is believed to have had a laugh of his own. In a brief Vine video added to YouTube on August 15, Kendrick appears on a four-wheeler, a street-vehicle popular with Meek Mill since his early days as a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania street rapper.

Kendrick pulls up, tells the camera “Meek Mills, huh?,” calling the rapper by a name he used on early mixtapes and late 2000s recordings. Then after yelling, Kendrick pulls away, and does donut spins with the quad.

UPDATE #2: confirms the video was made a few months ago, and is not a direct response.

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