Hip Hop’s global impact grows daily, wtih acts such as Public Enemy, the Wu-Tang Clan, and many others having toured dozens of countries during their illustrious careers.

Another well-traveled act, A Tribe Called Quest, is now the subject of an upcoming album by two Mozambican artists, Simba and Milton Gulli.

The Heroes: A Tribute to A Tribe Called Quest pays homage to the legendary Hip Hop group with an 11-cut album.

“This is the story of how A Tribe Called Quest inspired these artists to make a difference musically, to not fear being different, to not fear self expression,” reads a statement from the duo. “This tribute is to thank ATCQ for being the first to take these steps, and to make it easier for those who followed.”

The Heroes, which was recorded live in Mozambique, serves multiple purposes, explain Simba and Gulli. “This album is an expression whose purpose is to thank A Tribe Called Quest for being not only a source of inspiration, but more importantly a source of positive energy. This album also serves as a message to ATCQ, urging them to get past their differences and remember their roots as a Hip Hop band. We hope that the response will remind the band of why they started making music, of their roots, and of their duty to their fans.”

Simba, born Nelson Angelo Sitoi, released the first English Hip Hop album in Mozambique, Run and Tell Your Mother, and is the only Hip Hop artist to have performed at the Mozambique Jazz Festival. He is also the founder of Simba and the Rocats, Mozambique’s first live Hip Hop band.

Milton Gulli, a musician/producer, started as a member of a successful underground band “Philharmonic Weed,” and has performed and recorded in Panama and Portugal, and has recorded Acid Jazz, Funk, Soul, and Hip Hop music.

Below is the tracklist to The Heroes: A Tribute to A Tribe Called Quest:

3.African Tour
4.Can I Kick It (Chuta)
5.Electric Relaxation
6.Bonita Intro
7.Bonita Applebum
9.God Lives Through (I Love My God)
10.We’ve Got The Jazz

A Tribe Called Quest has been subject to many covers and countless references throughout Hip Hop history. The group’s music has been referenced in Jay Z’s “22 Two’s” from Reasonable Doubt and “Versusfrom Magna Carta Holy Grail, with the former referencing Tribe’s “Can I Kick It?” and the latter referencing “Sucka Nigga.” Other notable references include Kanye West’s “The Glory” from Graduation (referencing Tribe’s “Award Tour”), and Consequence and Kid Cudi’s “Buggin’ Out 09.”

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