Big Sean has called his upcoming album, Hall of Fame, “classic.”

“But I don’t want to hype it up too much or anything,” Sean said in an interview with Rolling Stone. “People hear ‘classic’ and they expect like Jesus Christ to be on there rapping. What I mean by ‘classic’ is it’s a pure body of work; there’s quality songs.”

The album is slated to feature some songs that showcase Big Sean’s more serious side, according to the interview. “World Ablaze,” for instance, details the importance of comforting the sick. “Sometimes, no matter how sick somebody is or how fucked up something is, you have to tell them they’re gonna be all right,” Sean said of the track. “Sometimes it isn’t [true] but the most important thing is you have to tell them things are gonna be okay.”

Hall Of Fame is slated to also feature a lighthearted side of the Michigan rapper. “There are songs on there for those Big Sean fans who do just love that super ignorant shit,” Sean said. One of those songs will be “Mona Lisa,” a song about sex with two partners. “I feel like a threesome is an important part of life,” he said. “Something you’ve got to experience before you die.”

Sean also explained how his current girlfriend, actress Naya Rivera, would respond to the song’s theme. 

“I don’t know if my girl would agree,” he said. “I know my girl wouldn’t do that.”

In June, Big Sean talked about Eminem’s response to Hall of Fame. “We talked for like three hours (in the studio) before we played any music,” Sean said. “Then he was like alright, I guess I’ve got time to hear a couple songs… And then when it was all said and done he was like, ‘I’ve never been so impressed or surprised about an album. This one is gonna be big for you.’”

In his more recent interview with Rolling Stone, Sean said that their meeting could lead to more from the Detroit rappers. 

“I’m sure you guys will get a Big Sean-Eminem collaboration sooner or later,” the Hall of Fame rapper said. 

Sean’s latest video, “Fire,” features Miley Cyrus as a model in the clip

Big Sean recently made headlines when he said he could out rap Jay Z and Drake. “Sometimes people don’t consider Big Sean as one of the best rappers because Big Sean has only put out one album,” the Finally Famous rapper said in a report published August 8. “So what I was saying was going into this album, I had the mind state of thinking, ‘Man alright, I’ve been on basically songs with everybody who I really respect man in the rap game. From Jay Z to Kanye [West] to the newcomers, the new guys. And I always stand on my own.’ I always stand out and you can never say I’ve never done a feature where someone’s out-rapped me on and it’s crazy because a lot of those songs, I would submit my verse first and then people like Kanye or Jay Z or whoever will get it. And it just goes to show you that I’m here for a reason…I’ll hop on a song with Drake and out rap him and that’s my homie. Or Jay Z. Or whoever.”

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