In preparation for his debut album Trap Lord dropping on August 20, A$AP Ferg stopped by Hot 97’s Morning Show to discuss, among other things, his musical style.

“I mean, I just explain it like…you on the Internet. Internet is like hanging out,” said the Harlem rapper. “You interact with Japanese people, people from Jamaica, whatever. Places you never dreamed of going. It’s like hanging out in the street. You get to speak they language, they get to speak your language. So when you’re listening to their music, who’s to say you can’t relate to their music?”

Ferg pointed out that another New York collective refused to be typecast. “Like [A$AP] Rocky always say, with the whole Wu-Tang thing, they was relating to Kung Fu movies. Who’s to say they was fake Kung Fu… or whatever? Just because they were from the hood?”

“And what is a Harlem sound, anyway?” asked Ferg. “Before Dipset, it was like Ma$e. And Ma$e sounded different from Cam and Juelz and that whole movement. Everything evolves. You gotta expect different stuff at a different time.”

In an interesting twist, Ferg revealed that his Hip Hop history runs deeper than his own career. “His name was also Ferg,” explained the rapper, whose father had a connection with Diddy in the rap mogul’s early days. “Puff was real cool with my pops. He did the Bad Boy logo. And [founder of Uptown Records] Andre Harrell, Heavy D, all of them, they kinda like started off together.”

“I guess he was like the artist of their day. He was the go-to person for logos, or to get t-shirts done,” he continued. “Because at that time, there ain’t no… big Jewish companies was printing the shirts and doing all of the artwork, and you had to have, like, crazy bread to do that stuff. Him, he was like in the projects.”

Watch the interview below, spotted at xclusiveszone:

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