When news hit of a Dipset 10th Anniversary show in New York, the Hip Hop world was more than excited.

Now, during an interview with Hip Hop Since 1987, Juelz Santana explains why the show at B.B. Kings may not be the only reunion that fans can expect from the crew.

“We definitely going to get back in the studio and start working on some music and if the vibe is good and the music is coming out the way it’s supposed to come out. We going to put that record out,” Juelz said.

The Dipset member also explained that the possible album would have to be “something close” to the first album the group dropped when they released Diplomatic Immunity in 2003.

“We’ve been talking about it, we want to do it right. The first Diplomatic Immunity album was a double-CD classic,” he said. “So if we give the people something, we got to give them something close to that.”

Juelz also spoke about the March 25th anniversary show and explained that being back on the stage with his collegues feels only natural.

“It’s always good to be on stage with Cam and Jim,” he said. “When you get on stage everything falls into place, everything feels good. I didn’t know 10 years went by so fast though, that’s a beautiful thing for us to be pushing that 10th Anniversary of Dipset, I’m proud of that. We set real high standards out there for crews so it’s a good thing.”

Watch the full interview below (via Hip Hop Since 1987):

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