Jim Jones recently described his interactions with Louis Farrakhan while speaking at Cipha Sounds’ Take It Personal Hip Hop Improv show. 

“We pull up in a town, a tour bus, gangstas diddy-boppin’,” Jones said. “We hop out…We get in the hotel and we see some F.O.I.s, some Muslim brothers, that’s the Fruit of Islam…But before this, this wasn’t the first time I met Farrakhan. So before, let me rewind and tell you how gangsta Farrakhan is. I think that I’m a rebel…when I’m doing my music so I say something funny about Farrakhan and bean pies or something to that effect. I’m runnin’ in the streets doin’ what I do. I get a summons from Farrakhan like, ‘Farrakhan needs to speak to you at his hotel’…So I go see him. First of all, I don’t know how the president rolls, but his security is ill. He got security all over. He got a dude in front [of] the door, a dude in back [of] the door, a dude by the elevator, a dude downstairs by the elevator, a dude when you walk in and some dudes in the parking lot and some dudes you don’t see.

“So I get to his room or whatever,” he continued. “So we talkin’. We kickin’ it. I’m hyped. I’m nervous at the same time like, ‘See? You done said some stupid shit. It’s about to go down.’ I’m casin’ the situation because with Farrakhan, you’re only allowed to come by yourself…So he proceeds to tell me, ‘Young brother, when I was young, I said some things about some people that I really didn’t mean. Don’t you feel the same?’ I said, ‘Yeah! I’ve never meant anything I said about you!’ I just was trying to get it squashed. So cool, he simmered that whole situation down. Fast forward back to the hotel lobby with the F.O.I.s. Now, each of them is about 6’5″, 6’6”, [weighing over 200 pounds], I swear to God. All of them. One of them called me over…He’s like, ‘Next time you mention brother Farrakhan in your raps, in any type of way, you’re gonna have a real big problem.’ Fuck. I ain’t pay it no mind. I said, ‘Cool. I understand you brother.’ So I walked to the elevator, but by the time I got away from him, my gangsta shit started kickin’ in like, ‘That nigga just punked you!’

“So I get to my man Murda,” he said. “I’m like, ‘Murda, did that nigga just press me just now?’ He’s like, ‘Blood, I think they pressed you, blood.’ I was like, ‘Fuck this. There ain’t no pressin’ me.’ I go crazy. Now, it’s gettin’ crazy. I had [my wife] Krissy with me. Shit gettin’ crazy. We get into the hallway. We on that gangsta shit. We cursin’. You know the Fruit of Islam don’t say nothin’. We cool. We looked like we backed them down like, ‘Yeah.’ Now, we walkin’ back to the tour bus like, ‘Yeah. You niggas know what’s up. Yeah.’ We get to the tour bus and now, Murda’s like, ‘Yo, blood. This don’t look good, blood. This shit starting to get crazy.’ I kid you not, three black trucks swing around the corner with niggas hangin’ off the side of the trucks. Now, my man Murda who’s a G – he’s not the most friendliest guy you want to fuck [with] – he’s like, ‘Blood, you better make a call, blood. This shit’s gettin’ crazy. I thought you said you knew Farrakhan. Why they formin’ on us like this?’ This gangsta shit done turned sour, so now I’m trying to find somebody [in my phone’s contact list] that knows Farrakhan to try to get out of this.

“I finally get a number and I call somebody,” he continued. “Shit just started calming down and then somebody else come out like, ‘Farrakhan wants to speak to you.’ Then he come out in his pajamas like a G. I would not tell you this if I was lying. But just like a G, militant as ever and he had on some weird pajamas. I never got to ask him about those because he was too G’d up. He had too many niggas with him but it was cool. He was kind of mad they broke his sleep…Long story short, don’t fuck with Farrakhan.” 

The video featuring this can be seen below.

Jim Jones has made mention of Louis Farrakhan in his music. For instance, on “How G Is This,” Jim Jones said, “Crime ain’t gon’ stop if you speak to Minister Farrakhan.”

Louis Farrakhan has been involved with Hip Hop artists at various times in past years. In the 1990s, for example, Farrakhan sat down with Common and Ice Cube, reportedly asking them to stop feuding. In 2003, he looked to end the beef between 50 Cent and Ja Rule

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