Beatsmith 9th Wonder can speak on a myriad of topics from music pedagogy to producing hardcore rap. Talking recently with IMC Magazine, the North Carolina native recalled a time where he was sued for a sample he used, similar to his associate Mac Miller.

“Michael Henderson [tried to sue me and Murs],” 9th said. “It was a joint we did as a leak. We didn’t put it on the Fornever album, and he tried to say that because of that song me and Murs became popular. Get the fuck outta here! It was like, ‘What the fuck?’ We had three albums before that [so he had] done nothing for our career.”

9th Wonder also said he believes artists being sampled are becoming more lax about their music being used because it’s natural promotion.

“What’s happening now is people are understanding,” he said. “The people we sample are understanding at this point you kinda need us. You kinda need us to make your shelf life longer. If we’re not selling records you damn sure ain’t selling shit. So you need us to extend your shelf life and introduce you to the next generation.”

Little Brother is typically a topic that finds it’s way into many 9th Wonder discussions. When asked about his current relationship with Phonte, 9th said their relationship is good.

“One step at a time man,” he said. “Just be happy that Phonte and I are speaking. I mean we’re doing more than just speaking. Both of us have had a lot of growing up to do.

“Everybody inside of music, [as well as] outside of music, falls out of a situation with a friend. It happens. It just so happens that ours happened in front of everybody.”

Read the full 9th Wonder interview with IMC Magazine here.

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