House of Pain lyricist Everlast has announced that his upcoming project Life Acoustic is dropping on August 27 via his own imprint Martyr Inc, in partnership with INgrooves.

The 12-track collection is described as sort of a retrospective on the singer/songwriter’s career. Everlast brings a mixture of noteworthy solo records and House of Pain (Everlast, DJ Lethal, and Danny Boy) songs in the form of acoustic sounds on Life Acoustic. House of Pain’s biggest single “Jump Around” is covered on this album.

“I wanted to dig up some of the songs that I felt were gems, yet they didn’t get enough of a look the first time; and maybe in this light, they’ll shine,” says Everlast. “I picked my favorite songs, and recorded them straight-up acoustic, maybe a little keyboard and that’s it. There’s part of me that thinks maybe this is what I’m supposed to be doing… I’ve done a couple of European tours acoustically now, and this just feels like the right time to put out an acoustic album.”

Everlast got his start as the protégé of West Coast legend Ice-T within Rhyme Syndicate. After receiving the musical approval of Ice-T, he went on to release his first retail album Forever Everlasting, which was the beginning of a respectable career. Whitey Ford is known for being a member of platinum-selling Hip Hop collective House Of Pain, along with a role in the early days of La Coka Nostra. Life Acoustic is classified as Rock & Alternative. Everlast continues to dabble with sounds that are not normally a component of urban music.

The tracklist for Everlast’s “Life Acoustic” is as follows:

01. “Sad Girl”

02. “Black Jesus”

03. “Today”

04. “Broken”

05. “Stone In My Hand”

06. “Weakness”

07. “Children’s Story”

08. “Stay”

09. “My Medicine”

10. “Lonely Road”

11. “Grandma’s Hand”

12. “Jump Around?”

You can pre-order this project on

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