TDE and Digi-Phonics producer, Willie B linked with Forty Ounce Gold Creative Group to bring music fans something truly creative.

With Instagram’s new video feature at his disposal, Willie recently released a beat tape accompanied by HD visuals depicting places in New York City, Los Angeles and Japan.

The project is called Ichiban: Sounds in HD and features nine tracks/videos. Willie B is also known for being a top quality producer, creating the music behind Kendrick Lamar’s “Rigamortis” and “Ignorance Is Bliss,” and has produced for Schoolboy Q, Wale and Apollo The Great, among others.

Check out the full project below and on Willie B’s Instagram

  Track 1 – “Mary Jizzle” Track 2 – “Complete”   Track 3 – “Omar Khalil”   Track 4 – “Grime”   Track 5 – “Patti Labelle”   Track 6 – “New York Minute”   Track 7 – “Extra Ballin”   Track 8 – “Sony” > Track 9 – “Beautiful”  

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