Speaking with HipHopDX yesterday, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania emcee Gillie Da Kid chronicled his new song “King Me,” and how it realized to a perceived war of words in social media with longtime collaborator Meek Mill. While on the phone, the former front-man of the Major Figgas was also asked about an acting role he confirmed earlier this month playing late emcee icon Tupac Shakur.

Gillie was asked what era in ‘Pac’s life he’ll be portraying in the to-be-titled film. “[I am playing Tupac] after the whole [Digital Underground] period,” said Gil, referring to Tupac’s solo career, which began with the late 1991 release of 2Pacalypse Now. Prior, the would-be superstar was mentored by Digital Underground’s leader Shock G, who would work with ‘Pac throughout his career after. Gillie continued, explaining the real reason why his role is focused on a mid-1990s Tupac Shakur. “After that life. Because the story isn’t Tupac; the story is Suge Knight. The story is the Suge Knight biography, and I’m playin’ Tupac in it.” Gillie pointed out that Suge Knight, who co-founded Death Row Records with Dr. Dre in the early 1990s, became close with Tupac following the Above The Rim film and soundtrack. “Suge didn’t meet Tupac until he went to jail.”

Knight and Shakur would both be ambushed in a September, 1996 drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. Subsequently, Tupac Shakur would die from the fatal gunshots, while Suge Knight would be imprisoned for violating probation in the highly-publicized incident. The murder remains unsolved.

Once Gillie confirmed the film was a biopic on Suge Knight, HipHopDX asked if Gillie’s frequent film collaborator Ving Rhames would be portraying the notorious Compton, California record executive. “Absolutely,” stated Gillie with a hearty laugh. With G.D.K.’s own ties to fellow Philly native and former Death Row artist and executive Kurupt, he was asked of his real-life relationship with Knight. “I’ve talked to Suge [Knight] on the phone a few times. Absolutely! He’s a cool dude,” Gil said. He started to elaborate, but then censored himself. “You know, I can’t even tell you that, bruh.”

Ving Rhames has starred in films such as Pulp Fiction, Bringing Out The Dead and Con Air.

Actor Sean Ringgold portrayed Knight in the 2009 film, Notorious.

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