Gillie Da Kid has added a song to his recent feud with Meek Mill over who truly deserves to be called “The King of Philly.” The song, “King Me,” was released after recent indirect disses were thrown at one another via social networking sites. 

“King Me,” produced by Battman, features no direct shots at Meek, but it contains some lyrics seemingly aimed at him. “You niggas throwin’ stones at a glass house,” he says on the chorus. “You niggas don’t be livin’ what you rap ’bout.” On the track, Gillie continues by saying, “I’m the king. You a pawn. You sucka niggas be alarmed,” followed by, “You pussy nigga. I’m the don. You rookie nigga. I’m LeBron.” 

Regarding the “King of Philly” title, Gillie adds, “King me, nigga. Bow down when I come around.”

This follows Twitter comments from Meek Mill about the matter. 

Meek has also said he has a song waiting to be dropped, which seems to be aimed at Gillie. The song was featured in an Instagram video clip and it includes beats from Tupac’s “Hit ‘Em Up” and Nas’ “Ether,” among other diss tracks from the past. He revealed this with the tweet below.

Gillie Da Kid has had other feuds in the past, most notably with Lil Wayne. Meek Mill has also had his feuds, most recently with Cassidy, who wanted to battle him

“King Me” can be heard below.

This appears to be an ongoing story and HipHopDX will continue covering it as it develops. 

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