ScHoolboy Q’s lyrics on Mac Miller’s “Gees” make it clear that the TDE artist enjoys smoking marijuana. “Flashy as high beams, smoking on good weed,” he raps on the track. “Something from kush seeds, the only strand to smoke for us OGs.”

During a recent interview with, ScHoolboy Q revealed his favorite strand of weed. “My favorite weed…this a coincidence,” ScHoolboy Q says during an interview with “This is how ironic it is, is Soul Assassin O.G. It’s my favorite O.G. That’s the best O.G. That’s all I really smoke.”

B-Real is a member of Cypress Hill, which is a member of the larger Soul Assassins collective.

During the interview, ScHoolboy Q also described his favorite method for enjoying the kush strand. “I prefer backwoods,” he says. “I know B-Real prefers papers, but I have a little more youth in me. I can damage my lungs a little more before I retire.”

Backwoods are a brand of cigars that are popular with marijuana users and are often used to smoke “blunts,” slang for when smokers use a tobacco leaf wrapper to hold the marijuana they’ll be smoking. 

The Black Hippy crewmember also shared his feelings on “dabs,” a medical marijuana product extracted from the plant and concentrated into a smokable oil that is also known as “wax.” “Recreationally I don’t know about all that,” he says. “But every now and then I’ll take a dab if I’m around Action Bronson or something. He usually always makes me take one dab at least.”

ScHoolboy Q is currently preparing his major label debut album Oxymoron through Top Dawg Entertainment and Interscope Records. The project is expected to be released sometime this year.

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