Philadelphia, Pennsylvania emcee Gillie Da Kid has been signed to an array of labels throughout his 15-plus-year career. When with Major Figgas, the artist was with the now-defunct Ruff Nation Records. As a solo artist, Gillie inked a contract with Cash Money Records, despite never releasing an album with the storied imprint. After working with Babygrande Records to release a nationally-distributed project in 2007’s Best Of The Mixtapes. Speaking with Mikey T The Moviestar recently, Gillie revealed that he’s signed his latest deal, with Religion Records.

“Me and Tamba Hali from the Kansas City Chiefs, we linked up. He’s just an all-around good dude. He heard some records, believed in the talent that I bring to the table, the artistry that I bring to the table, and we just linked up. It was just the perfect marriage after that. That’s what it is,” said Gillie of the star Linebacker’s label. “One thing about my man, every thing that he do, he like to do to a certain level. As well as myself.” He continued, “Me and Tamba, we was like one and the same. It’s just that his money is like 400 times longer than mines. We can do it on a real different level.” The vet gloated that with his new recording and marketing budget, he expects to level the playing field. “Now it’s all about who make the best music. And I make the best music, nigga.”

One of the early collaborations allowed with this partnership is a reunion with another fellow Cash Money Records defector, Mannie Fresh. “We gonna give some of y’all the hit records that y’all was been supposed to get several years ago, but y’all couldn’t get.” Gillie added that one of the songs the pair worked with is called “Rock, Paper, Scissors.”

The interview is below:

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