Ghostface Killah has built a career on a truly unique style. Fresh off of his tenth album, Twelve Reasons To Die, made with producer Adrian Younge, the Staten Island, New York emcee provided with an update on his upcoming release plans.

Asked about his joint album with past collaborator and fellow early 1990s New York Hip Hop album MF DOOM, long believed to be called DOOMStarks, Ghost revealed that the project, which originated during his Def Jam Records tenure, is currently on ice. “Yeah, we got the [MF] DOOM album, but I did wanna just chill for a minute,” said G.F.K. about his work with the former K.M.D. front-man. “There’s too much shit that’s coming, so I’ll do [Supreme Clientele 2], then DOOM. I keeping coming up with other names for albums and shit – for some reason if I come up with a banging name, I wanna make that work.”

Supreme Clientele 2 is the sequel to Ghostface Killah’s sophomore 2000 solo album, released on Razor Sharp/Epic Records. Wu-Tang Clan members including Raekwon (Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II) and Method Man (Blackout 2 with Redman) have also done sequel releases. Ghost has been limited on information concerning his own sequel LP. In addition to various Clansmen, the original featured Redman, Cappadonna, and Sunz Of Man’s Hell Razah and 60 Second Assassin.

Most notably in the interview, Ghostface confirmed plans to follow up 2009’s Ghostdini: Wizard Of Poetry In Emerald City, in the form of a second R&B-inspired album. “I do gotta do another R&B album,” said the former Def Jam Records artist. Perhaps in sarcasm, Ghost told the publication his upcoming career plans: “[I am doing] probably like another seven more albums, which shouldn’t take no time; that should be within the next 37 months.”

After taking four years between his first and second solo albums, Ghostface’s discography has included three solo releases and multiple group projects since 2009.

In the full interview with, Ghost also delves deep into the making of Twelve Reasons To Die.

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