Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter D-Dot has seen a lot go on in the music industry for a long time. Being around Hip Hop greats during their heyday, D-Dot has an interesting perspective regarding legends and their work.

Vlad TV recently sat down with D-Dot as he spoke on two renowned artists in particular, Jay-Z and Biggie Smalls. He compared the two’s work styles and how they made music in the studio.

“If I had to compare B.I.G. and Jay, I would say Jay could probably work a little faster than B.I.G. I’ve actually seen Jay work in various situations and he’s very prolific and he could come up with things faster,” D-Dot said.

D-Dot also explained that Notorious B.I.G. used to take more time on his records than Jay-Z did.

“I think B.I.G., his specialty was that B.I.G., he put a lot of his roots and make his roots in the records,” he said. “He was really into melodies so B.I.G.’s time, it took him a little longer because B.I.G. line for line wanted to make sure every line was memorable lyrically but also memorable melodically.”

D-Dot produced hits on Notorious B.I.G.’s second album, Life After Death and the song “Where I’m From” from Jay-Z’s In My Lifetime Vol. 1 album. He’s also been a consultant to both men through out their careers.

Check out D-Dot’s interview below (via Vlad TV):

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