It’s no secret that noted rapper Kanye West first wet his feet in the music world as a producer, and according to his one-time manager and co-producer Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie there weren’t many who were eager to hear the Chicago emcee drop any bars.

While speaking with Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds of HOT 97, D-Dot revealed that he was one of the first who encouraged Kanye to rhyme and even included the rapper on one of his mixtapes.

“Nobody wanted him to rhyme,” said D-Dot. “He tried to shop his group, GLC, and all of them to Columbia. Played ‘em. Was tryna rap to Free, they played ‘em. Nobody wanted him to rhyme. I actually liked him rhyming. I put him on my mixtape…I put him on there rapping and then he actually wrote a song on The Mad Rapper album. I rapped his verse because Free, his other managers, wouldn’t let him rhyme.”

D-Dot also commented on the role he allegedly played in getting Kanye his publishing rights back. And as a result of the feat, the former Bad Boy Records A&R was very much caught off guard when the Yeezus architect started to adopt the “ghost-producing” phrase. The phrase almost resulted in things becoming physical between both producers as D-Dot commented on wanting to “fuck him up” as a result.

“One thing I will say to Kanye, which he never thanked me for, but I got him his publishing back,” D-Dot shared. “You know what I’m saying? Because I refused at that time to take his publishing or take anybody’s publishing…So, they owned 50 percent of his publishing and I told them I wouldn’t manage him unless they gave it back to him.”

“Then the beef came in is when he started using this term called ghost-producing, which I hate. Which I felt was disrespectful because ghost means you’re not seen or heard…Meaning, you get the beat and you do not get a credit. You don’t get a check. You don’t get a piece of publishing. That’s ghost-producing. I got him back his publishing…Of course not because I threatened to fuck him up afterwards. Because now you forcing me to go another direction,” he added.

The full interview with D-Dot can be found below (via AllHipHop).

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