Noted Wu-Tang Clan emcee Raekwon is one of only a handful of artists to be featured on Jay-Z’s 12th studio album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, but according to the rapper, his collaboration with Jay-Z was one that was long overdue.

Raekwon, who joins a list of Magna Carta Holy Grail collaborators that include Rick Ross and Justin Timberlake, shared a few details of his studio session with Hov while speaking with Montreality. On top of the usual studio pleasantries, the pair shared life stories as they touched on parenthood and other topics not concerning music.

“Definitely his peoples had reached out to me and said that he wanted to connect with me on a track,” Raekwon revealed. “My thing was it’s about time. We both never had an opportunity to really do that before, so I knew in my heart it was time to make that kind of move happen…He embraced me. He gave me nothing but love. We laughed. We talked. We talked about real shit. We talked about parenthood. We talked about life.”

The Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… rapper has also been hard at work on Fly International Luxurious Art (F.I.L.A.), a solo project of his own. Before referring to the album as a “classic record,” Raekwon informed fans that F.I.L.A. could be released either September or October of this year and also promised to touch on every genre of Hip Hop.

“That was a title I really wanted to run with with this album because I feel like I’m at my best. 20 years later, I’m still able to grab that pen and do what I do normally,” said the rapper. “So, I wanted to name it Fly International [Luxury Art] cause that’s how I felt. This is a lifestyle album. This is me really invading every genre of music; you know what I mean, as far as in the Hip Hop world. You got underground music. You got the mainstream music…It’s all about just being a more responsible artist and just balancing everything out.”

While F.I.L.A. may be without an official release date, Raekwon’s collaboration with Jay-Z can be found on Magna Carta Holy Grail when the album is released exclusively to Samsung users on July 4.

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